Interstellar Light and Other Quantum Effects

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The goal in running these pages is to educate, inspire and lead those interested in space futures at an amateur or citizen science level.

This includes education through communication and continued production of media on space related matters; inspiration through demonstration of the practical outcomes and achievements that can gained by participating in astronomy and astrophysics; and leadership through involvement in other organisations and educational activities & providing a gateway to these for like minded people of all ages.

Future plans include developing courses on matters relating to practical amateur astronomy and citizen science and developing partnerships with other industry bodies with similar goals and interests.

If you, as a visitor to the site, enjoy these images then firstly – thanks for your interest! Next, if you would like a copy of one, feel free to contact me.

The images on this site are, in the main, lower resolution and lower quality than are held on storage media locally.

If requested, a higher resolution image can be provided for your viewing pleasure.


Other pages on this site include a gallery of images processed by me, notes and blogs on astronomy equipment and techniques, other things that might be interesting and educational resources for the casual visitor.

I do not charge or place sole copyright on most images and in the main license content under creative commons licenses (for example: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic).

SkySlab Environmental Data

Partly Cloudy
05:4220:06 AEDT
Feels like: 18°C
Wind: 14km/h E
Humidity: 60%
Pressure: 1023mbar
UV index: 3
Partly Cloudy
12/15 20%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy. High 27C. Winds NE at 15 to 25 km/h.
High 27° / Low 14°
Partly Cloudy
12/16 0%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy skies. High 26C. Winds NW at 25 to 40 km/h.
High 26° / Low 13°
12/17 0%
Sunny skies. High 29C. Winds WNW at 15 to 30 km/h.
High 29° / Low 14°
12/18 10%
A mainly sunny sky. High 31C. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 km/h.
High 31° / Low 17°
12/19 80%
Scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon. High near 30C. NE winds shifting to NW at 15 to 25 km/h. Chance of rain 80%.
High 29° / Low 18°

This Month’s Events

Past Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Planned Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.
Astronomical Times for SkySlab (-34.966, 149.019)
Starting 15 Dec 2018, for the next 10 days
DateMorningSunriseSunsetEveningMoonriseMoonsetMoon Phase
15 Dec 201804:1205:4220:1521:4512:2901:01day 7 of Moon
16 Dec 201804:1305:4320:1521:4513:2501:32
17 Dec 201804:1305:4320:1621:4614:2202:02
18 Dec 201804:1305:4320:1721:4715:2202:32day 10 of Moon
19 Dec 201804:1405:4420:1721:4716:2303:05
20 Dec 201804:1405:4420:1821:4817:2803:40
21 Dec 201804:1505:4520:1821:4818:3404:20day 13 of Moon
22 Dec 201804:1505:4520:1921:4919:4205:08
23 Dec 201804:1605:4620:1921:4920:4706:02
24 Dec 201804:1605:4620:2021:5021:4707:03day 16 of Moon

Planetary Data for today
VisibilityGoodPrimeNot visibleGoodGoodNot visibleNot visibleGood

Visible ISS Passes
ISS image. Credit: NASA
DateBrightnessStartHighest pointEnd
15 Dec-0.623:52:5913°S23:52:5913°S23:53:3810°SSE
16 Dec-0.604:42:2910°S04:44:3716°SSE04:46:4510°ESE
16 Dec-1.121:26:59ESE21:26:59ESE21:19:23N
16 Dec-2.022:59:0732°SSW22:59:0732°SSW23:01:5010°SSE
17 Dec-0.103:51:2810°SSE03:52:0810°SSE03:52:4810°SE
17 Dec-3.522:03:1310°NW22:06:3066°SW22:09:5010°SE
17 Dec-0.123:42:3810°SW23:43:3211°SSW23:44:2710°S
18 Dec-1.604:33:5310°SSW04:36:5531°SE04:39:5610°E
18 Dec-3.821:11:0510°NNW21:14:1855°NE21:17:3510°SE
18 Dec-0.622:48:5010°WSW22:51:0216°SSW22:53:1610°SSE
19 Dec-0.703:42:0510°SSW03:44:3218°SSE03:46:5810°ESE
19 Dec-1.421:55:4510°W21:58:3726°SW22:01:3110°SSE
20 Dec-0.202:50:3810°S02:52:0212°SSE02:53:2610°SE
20 Dec-3.704:25:3810°SW04:28:5980°SE04:32:1910°NE
20 Dec-2.721:03:0310°WNW21:06:1650°SW21:09:3210°SE
21 Dec-2.303:33:3210°SSW03:36:4238°SE03:39:5110°ENE
21 Dec-2.205:10:4510°W05:12:5716°NW05:15:0710°N
21 Dec-0.421:48:5910°WSW21:50:5114°SSW21:52:4310°S
22 Dec-1.202:41:3710°SSW02:44:1822°SSE02:46:5910°E
22 Dec-3.204:17:4610°WSW04:20:5134°NW04:23:5310°NNE
22 Dec-0.920:55:4110°W20:58:2122°SSW21:01:0310°SSE
23 Dec-0.501:49:5810°S01:51:2314°SSE01:51:2314°SSE

Visible Iridium Flares for the next 7 days
15 Dec22:33:240.934°119° (ESE)Iridium 45
16 Dec22:27:22-1.734°117° (ESE)Iridium 32
16 Dec22:31:250.935°118° (ESE)Iridium 58
18 Dec02:29:20-2.710°233° (SW)Iridium 61
19 Dec22:18:30-0.739°115° (ESE)Iridium 58

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