Interstellar Light and Other Quantum Effects

NGC6523 The Lagoon Nebula

This project is an interesting one because the finished product will require a compilation of many different regions of the sky.  For now, I've finished the central region of NGC6523 and the remaining outlying regions will take a year to finish (I suspect).  The Lagoon Nebula (catalogued as Messier 8 or M8, and as NGC [...] Read More

Processing a Typical Astrophotograph

For this example, I'm using a recent set of shots I took to put together a final shot for NGC6853 (the Dumbbell Nebula).  A friend of mine asked a while ago: Q: 'So are you compositing multiple shots together or taking differing shots across spectrums? Quite curious how this works'.  I didn't like my answer [...] Read More

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