Astronomik CLS Light Pollution Filter

In addition to IDAS LPS filters from Hutech (in this post) SkySlab has used Astronomik CLS light pollution filters.  SkySlab’s site does not necessarily need a light pollution filter (yet!) but it has the excellent effect of colour-correcting images.  Here’s the link:

It looks like this:


I have read posts saying that a 3mm IR limiting glass is better for the QHY cameras than the stock standard 1mm glass as 3mm prevents reflections blooming on the surface of the CCD chip.  The CLS filter is an excellent solution to both, while the glass isn’t 3mm thick, it stops reflections well, blocks unwanted IR and UV as well as some of the sodium light giving the QHY colour less of a green or red cast and correcting for more blue – which is a good thing.  Here’s an example of what a CLS filter can do for an image with too much orange, green or red.  The image on the right is without any filter, the image on the left is with an Astronomik CLS filter:


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