ATIK EFW2 USB Electronic Filter Wheel

I’ve used the ATIK EFW2 USB Electronic filter wheel on a few occasions.  It’s a great piece of engineering, simple but very effective.  It’s easy to set up, easy to maintain, works very well and easy to adjust.

I prefer one shot colour photography and will likely not get into mono photography for some time, but this is an accessory that I used once or twice to get a feel for things and have not used again since.  I use wheels suited to 2″ filters. You can get additional wheels easily of you want to use 1.25″.  This new wheel allows filter disks to be inter-changed, allowing for multiple combinations, and has large 54mm openings on both sides. It can be used with a multitude of software, is Ascom compliant. I’ve used it with TheSkyX with no problems at all.

At full power draw, it will draw 12v DC 0.3A (max) – you can use any 12 volt power adapter over 0.3A to run it.

Here’s some information on it:…14/08/EFW2.pdf and here’s some more:

Here’s what the ATIK website has to say about them:

The Atik EFW2 motorized filter wheel is available with multiple filter capability over a range of filter sizes. This wheel employs exchangeable filter disks, allowing for multiple combinations, and has large 54mm openings on both sides. With these features, the EFW2 can easily support sensors up to full frame (35mm) format. The EFW2 also features a slick design, with a slim and lightweight profile. For example, the distance between any Atik camera and the wheel itself is 0mm, while still maintaining the possibility of rotating the camera to any desired position. Total extra backfocus needed will be only 22mm.

Of special interest to Atik 383L+ users is the short distance from the filters to the CCD. This means that popular 1.25″ filters can be used with this sensor down to f/5, without any relevant vignetting.

Filter disk options include 5×50.8mm, 5×2” mounted, 7x36mm and 9×1.25” mounted.

On the sofware side, the EFW2 has an ASCOM compliant driver, so that any compliant software can control it. Additionally, the EFW2 can be controlled our Artemis Capture software, for easy, simple and efficient operation

You can get the Manual, Technical Drawing and System chart from Atik.

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