Interstellar Light and Other Quantum Effects


ATIK EFW2 USB Electronic Filter Wheel

I've used the ATIK EFW2 USB Electronic filter wheel on a few occasions.  It's a great piece of engineering, simple but very effective.  It's easy to set up, easy to maintain, works very well and easy to adjust. I prefer one shot colour photography and will likely not get into mono photography for some time, [...] Read More

Astronomik CLS Light Pollution Filter

In addition to IDAS LPS filters from Hutech (in this post) SkySlab has used Astronomik CLS light pollution filters.  SkySlab’s site does not necessarily need a light pollution filter (yet!) but it has the excellent effect of colour-correcting images.  Here’s the link: It looks like this: I have read posts saying that a 3mm […]

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IDAS Filters

There's lots on the Internet about how filters work.  SkySlab recently swapped out an IDAS light pollution (LP) filter with a standard IR filter that comes with the QHY. A lot of QHY8 owners complain that the colour reproduction when producing CCD images is not accurate.  This is true if you use the standard IR [...] Read More

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