Collimating the GSO RC12-A

There are some excellent resources to help with this task, many forums on IceInSpace and CloudyNights.  Step 1 should be done in daylight – it’s easier, the rest do not matter so much as long as you get the collimation close to spot on using a Takahashi collimating scope:

The Takahashi Collimating Scope008
Coupled with the part ordered from Precise Parts and a T-thread to 2" Nose piece adapter.010
Attached to the GSO 12" RCA - which looks like Pinocchio!014
Here's another shot to show how close the scope is to SkySlab's walls - but it's well engineered and never actually hits them 🙂016
I can't actually show pictures of the collimation, but followed the advice and processes found easily on the web. End result was a good collimation but the test will be the quality of the photos.

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