Lightning Happens

I am fairly sure that recent extreme storms have been the cause of electrical damage to SkySlab.  The unfortunate outcome is the Paramount MX used to track objects no longer operates.  Add that to the recent server failure for SkySlab’s website and things have not been going so well of late!

This is an issue because there are no local repairers that can service and repair this equipment.  It’s a scientific piece of equipment, is highly accurate, very well made and should be repaired to the exacting standards that Software Bisque require of their own equipment.  This means getting the mount ready for a trip to America.

So, while all that occurs, SkySlab is off line.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be activity, there will be.  Plans are underway to build some courses, develop a curriculum structure for this particular brand of astronomy and while repairs happen, upgrade other components for imaging.  Who knows where it will lead but for now, it’s likely that deep sky objects will be off the run-sheet for a year.

Video of the hail, after the electrical storm

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