Inside SkySlab

Feed taken within the hour – corrected for night time.  This image may be washed out during daylight.

** Feed has temporarily failed **

Feed taken within the last hour – corrected for low light indoor conditions.  This image may be black during night.

** Feed has temporarily failed **

This feed is an image which is update about once every hour.  It is produced by a Raspberry Pi and PiNoIR camera in order to stream infra-red based images of the inside of SkySlab.

The PiNoIR is an important piece of equipment because it streams images based on the non-visible spectrum of light emitted in the infra-red spectrum.  If SkySlab was to be illuminated at night or while viewing, a weak infra-red lamp could be used and it would not interfere with the visible spectrum of light and hence light gathering capability of SkySlab.

If the image is too dark to see anything interesting, it means SkySlab is closed and it’s night.  There’s enough residual radiation to see inside SkySlab during the day even if it’s closed.