Interstellar Light and Other Quantum Effects


Added external protection from direct sunlight and moisture, added second extractor fan for reducing dust, internal heat and moisture.

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Keep it Simple

Seems I’ve been over thinking my code.  I get told I over think things a lot.  So, I’ve over thought about it and figured out all I need to do is ping SkySlab to see if it’s responding.  If not, then it obviously needs a reboot!  I still have the problem of the wemo being […]

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(WeMo + Pi + ThingSpeak + Python) The coding dishes are done dude.

I managed to get a little time to put this together.  It checks ThingSpeak for the latest entry and if that’s more than 1 hour ago, then there’s a problem so it cycles the WeMo. This script has a lot of fiddling about with dates and times because despite there being a standard for date […]

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(WeMo + Pi + ThingSpeak) Power cycle my Pi

Apparently the Pi is more stable when the fan is not attached.  I suspect something to do with power because with the fan attached it will log for a day or so and then stop, but without it will last for about 3 days, 4 maximum and then stop.  I’m checking in my script for […]

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Python Code for Environmental Monitoring

SkySlab uses a Raspberry Pi 2 along with I2C sensors to detect, manipulate and post environmental data. This post contains some old code that assists. The code has been updated since this post, however it’s provided for anyone who a) understands python along with I2C libraries and b) is interested in Thingspeak APIs and manipulating […]

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