Interstellar Light and Other Quantum Effects


Imaging Eta Carinae Nebula and Centaurus A, refine focus and tracking.

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Test images

Test exposure times and targets, modify CCD settings for Gain and Offset for best effect. Adjust for prime focus.

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NGC253 The Sculptor Galaxy

I am pleased to present the recent data acquired from SkySlab on the visual spectrum for NGC 253, also called the Sculptor Galaxy,  also known as the Silver Coin or Silver Dollar Galaxy. This is described as an intermediate spiral galaxy and is the brightest member of the Sculptor group of galaxies, which is grouped [...] Read More

M17 – The Swan Nebula

I'm pleased to present the M17, the Swan Nebula captured through SkySlab imaging systems. M17 is an interesting nebula because we are viewing it side-on from our vantage point.  In other words, the nebula looks like a swan from the side, but if we were to take a trip in our imaginary faster than light [...] Read More

NGC6523 The Lagoon Nebula

This project is an interesting one because the finished product will require a compilation of many different regions of the sky.  For now, I've finished the central region of NGC6523 and the remaining outlying regions will take a year to finish (I suspect).  The Lagoon Nebula (catalogued as Messier 8 or M8, and as NGC [...] Read More

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