The Local Galactic Group

This is courtesy of the Encyclopedia Galactica, which was unfortunately last updated around 2005 and is slowly becoming unmaintained.  Since then there have been a lot of additions to the accuracy of the local group thanks to new technologies, however for the purposes of visualising where we are in the extended local group, it works well.

The galaxies are shown in supergalactic cartesian coordinate system (the axis are SGX, SGY, and SGZ). Units are in kiloparsecs, which means the whole depicted box is 6.5 by 6.5 megaparsecs in area and three megaparsecs high. The supergalactic plane is shown as a grey plane across the drawing.

The location of each galaxy is depicted in two ways: if a galaxy is above the supergalactic plane, then it has a greenish line under it showing how high it is from the plane and if the galaxy is below the supergalactic plane, it has a blueish line above it showing how far below the plane the galaxy is. Each galaxy is also projected to SGX-SGY plane, SGX-SGZ plane, and SGY-SGZ plane. The projection is shown with a light blue dot on the plane for galaxies under the supergalactic plane and with a light green dot for galaxies above the supergalactic plane. There is also a dark blue line connecting the galaxy to these dots. Unfortunately the density of the lines is so high in certain areas that it is difficult to distinguish them from each other. The size and shading of the galaxies is supposed to assist the 3D impression. The larger and brighter red the galaxy appears on the image, the closer it is to the viewer. Actual sizes of galaxies are so small that most of the galaxies would not be visible at all in this image.

Here’s the table for the galactic numbering:

Galaxy numbering:
L1 - WLM L2 - IC 10L3 - Cetus DwarfL4 - NGC 147
L5 - And IIIL6 - NGC 185L7 - NGC 205L8 - And VIII
L9 - And IV L10 - M32L11 - Andromeda GalaxyL12 - And I
L13 - SMCL14 - And IXL15 - Sculptor D. Sph.L16 - Pisces Dwarf
L17 - IC 1613L18 - And VL19 - And IIL20 - M33
L21 - Phoenix DwarfL22 - Fornax D.L23 - LMCL24 - Carina Dwarf Sph.
L25 - Canis Major DwarfL26 - Leo AL27 - Sextans BL28 - NGC 3109
L29 - Antlia DwarfL30 - Leo I L31 - Sextans AL32 - Sextans D. Sph.
L33 - Leo IIL34 - GR 8L35 - Ursa Minor DwarfL36 - Draco Dwarf
L37 - Milky WayL38 - Sagittarius Dwarf L39 - SagDIGL40 - NGC 6822
L41 - Aquarius DwarfL42 - IC 5152L43 - Tucana DwarfL44 - UKS-2323-326
L45 - And VIIL46 - Pegasus DwarfL47 - Pegasus D. Sph.F11 - KKR25
F26 - IC 4662M1 - KKH 5M2 - KKH 6M3 - Cassiopeia 1
M4 - KKH 11M5 - KKH 12M6 - MB1M7 - Maffei 1
M8 - MB2M9 - Maffei 2M10 - Dwingeloo 2M11 - MB3
M12 - Dwingeloo 1M13 - KK 35M14 - IC 342M15 - UGCA 86
M16 - Camelopardalis AM17 - NGC 1569M19 - NGC 1560M18 - UGCA 92
M20 - Camelopardalis BM21 - UGCA 105M22 - KKH 34M23 - KKH 37
M24 - NGC 2366M25 - DDO 44M26 - NGC 2403M27 - Cassiopeia D. Sph.
S1 - Sculptor D. Sph.S2 - NGC 55S3 - ESO 410-005GS4 - NGC 59
S5 - Scl-dE1 (SC22) S6 - ESO 294-010S8 - NGC 247S9 - NGC 253
S10 - ESO 540-030S11 - ESO 540-031S12 - ESO 540-032S14 - ESO 295-029
S13 - NGC 300S15 - NGC 625S16 - ESO 245-005 S17 - KK 258
S18 - UGCA 438S19 - ESO 471-006S21 - NGC 7793
Galaxies L1-L47 are Local Group galaxies, F11 and F26 field galaxies, M1-M27 Maffei Group galaxies, and S1-S21 Sculptor Group galaxies.

For a more graphical representation (and a slightly less accurate one) here’s another view:

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